Dr. Martens: Gunning For Winter Gold

In an alternate universe of shoe-olympics, Dr. Martens have been gunning for gold since 1960. They’ve enchanted many an individual from all walks of life – in this case, cultures and eras of time gone by – in a bid to secure the affection of rebellious hearts. Particularly those who liken such a style of boot to be a simulacrum of their own DNA. Of course, the Docs have come up trumps – securing their status as gods of self-expression with the help of that famous gold stitching and iconic shape. And boy, hasn’t exposition of the inner self been something we like to grab hold of and run a mile with.

The shoe that lasts all year, every year – for many a further year to come – they’re comfortable, durable and guaranteed to never go out of fashion. Variations of the design have spun out into the world year after year, and this season is no exception. From velvet to snakeskin, glitter to floral – there’s a style to suit everyone. If you haven’t yet fallen for their indisputable charms (or have been feeling a little under the weather?) now’s the time to follow the Doc’s orders… and invest!

Dr Martens - Velvet Leather Ankle Boot in Navy Velvet
Dr Martens – Velvet Leather Ankle Boot in Navy Velvet

Exuding a gothic spirit that Doc says is inspired by Victorian curtains, comes the ‘Velvet Leather Ankle Boot in Navy Velvet’. Velvet has polluted all fashion this season – in the softest and nicest of ways, of course – and this fusion of old with new has created something utterly dynamic. They’re outrageous enough to make a statement, yet subtle enough to work into a simple outfit, albeit still adding an edgy touch. (We certainly have no qualms if you fancy donning these with a black cape and wafting around a spooky house in true Dracula-esque fashion).

Dr Martens - Salome Heeled Shoes
Dr Martens – Salome Heeled Shoes

The classic office shoe has been revamped into a chunky lace-up heel with the ‘Salome Heeled Shoes’ – making it an avant-garde choice for work and play alike. There’s something about white footwear that plays into a space-age robotic concept and these are no exception. Although retailed as a soft grey, they still emulate a sci-fi essence that has us longing for our own Wall-E. Dr. Martens say these are a result of rebellious 1980s culture refusing to dress the way others did – therefore setting the benchmark of cultural expression for many a year to come. It’s certainly worked – this modern day it’d be quite normal, even applauded, to see someone meandering the streets in such footwear. With bags of history and bags of style, the Salome’s have earned their all-round gold star for excellence.

Dr Martens - Serena Shiraz Red Fur Boots
Dr Martens – Serena Shiraz Red Fur Boots

The classic Doc is vamped and groomed ready for winter with the ‘Serena Shiraz Red Fur Boots’. Featuring a luxurious soft fur lining wrapped in a glossy, rich leather coat, these are the statement piece of the season – promising to carry you through many a winter to come. It’s a classic look that merges style with substance, whilst still faithfully encouraging the age-old rebellious spirit to roam free.

Discover more styles and wrap your feet in a spirit to suit your own, at www.millarsshoestore.com/dr-martens-m10

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