Lunar’s Festive Sparkle

As per usual, a chillier gust of wind blows over and suddenly you’re holding a glass of mulled wine, ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is ringing through your ears and two mince pies have found themselves lodged in your mouth. Eyes wide with bewilderment as to where this year even went and if we even had a 2016? But you needn’t be too scared – for as soon as a drop in temperature rockets through the atmosphere, an abundance of glitter and champagne follows suit. It’s otherwise known as the festive season!

Here to ride you through the celebrations in the sparkliest of ways, is Lunar. The shoe brand reigniting every girl’s childhood dream to be showered in glitter. With an array of chic heels, sandals and stilettos on offer, Lunar have quickly become the go-to brand for festive wear that suits any occasion. We’d almost go as far to say they’re too pretty to wear – but then again when it comes to glitter, restraint has never been our strongest attribute. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if you couldn’t match your footwear to your tinsel. You heard it here first, ladies!

Lunar - Oracle Pewter Heeled Sandals
Lunar – Oracle Pewter Heeled Sandals

Whether it’s a family party or a night with your pals, the ‘Oracle Pewter Heeled Sandals’ are perfect. We’re a sucker for an iridescent offering, so these glistening woven straps have certainly tugged at our heartstrings. It’s a style we can’t help feel brings with it a 90s flashback; an era of girl bands, sparkle and much-loved disco. Combined with their limitless seasonal possibilities, it would be certifiably wrong to refuse their indulgence.

Lunar - Molly Pointed Black Toe Ankle Heels
Lunar – Molly Pointed Black Toe Ankle Heels

Shivering at the thought of exposing such flesh in this weather? No fear – the ‘Molly Pointed Black Toe Ankle Heels’ have your back. Beauty is most often found in simplicity and true to that very word – these minimal boots scream volumes of class. A versatile (our favourite) choice, taking you from office to party at the snap of a finger. Black is sleek, black is sophisticated and black is downright sexy. Add a line of Diamante trim into the mix and you may just blow all other contenders out the window. We particularly love the smooth curve from ankle to toe, a shape which sets the tone for pure elegance.

Lunar - Sasha Diamante Navy Court Heels
Lunar – Sasha Diamante Navy Court Heels

Reminiscent of the outrageous Christmas tree tinsel your mother firmly disapproves of, these are the ‘Sasha Diamante Navy Court Heels’. With an identical silver version also on offer, these chic stilettos certainly don’t fall short of making a dashing statement. A satin and gem-encrusted luxe with a penchant for adding Hollywood glitz to any outfit. Snap up a pair of these lavish beauties – or pamper yourself with the purchase of both, we certainly wouldn’t judge – and we may have to keep tabs on which red carpet you end up on…

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