La Laura ‘Dolce’ Vita

Laura Vita… La Laura ‘Dolce’ Vita, more like. Ok, we’ve definitely just made that up but the thought still stands. This is the good life, these shoes are the physical embodiment of the good life – and buying a pair will most certainly earn you a good life!

Laura Vita are the queens of eclectic design that outrageously defy the laws of fitting in. Their designs ooze such originality in a spectrum of colour that just one glance at this dazzling footwear brings to mind the rainbow spewing snapchat filter. Nevertheless, these are the shoes of free spirit. The shoes of wacky intentions. The shoes that may have been at a mad psychedelic disco rave all night, but still rear their pretty little heads as fresh and beautiful beings the next morning. Black and white is unheard of… it’s not even in their vocabulary. These are for the beautiful, for the unique and for the trend-setting modern woman. Which makes us think… why haven’t you invested in a pair yet!?

Laura Vita - Albane 03 Brown Ankle Boots
Laura Vita – Albane 03 Brown Ankle Boots

A glittery infusion of glammed-up sprinkled sparkle – is basically the only way to describe the ‘Albane 03 Brown Ankle Boots’. They’re an exclusive pair possibly destined for fairies, for rare winged creatures from other-worlds and all other types of mystical beings – but by no means limited to them. Why bother spending money on a standard festive shoe when you can cop a load of this one? They’re a glamorous choice to raise the life and soul of any party.

Laura Vita - Albane 10 Turquoise Leather Ankle Boots
Laura Vita – Albane 10 Turquoise Leather Ankle Boots

It’s time to let your spirit roam free in the ‘Albane 10 Turquoise Leather Ankle Boots’. Similar to the above, they’re also partial to a touch of magic. Although these aquatic hues conjure up something much more mermaid-y than inland. If mermaid had feet, that is. Which they don’t. Unless you’re Disney’s very own Ariel with the ability to swap between human and sea creature whenever you please. Well, at least you know which shoe brand has your back if ever you were to become bestowed with this… gift?

Laura Vita - Angelina 01 Noir Leather Ankle Boots
Laura Vita – Angelina 01 Noir Leather Ankle Boots

On the other end of the scale you have the ‘Angelina 01 Noir Leather Ankle Boots’, which offer a slightly more subtle alternative when compared to their siblings. Rich in texture and luxe in style, these guys are adorned with a smooth black leather coat and a glorified, bejazzled behind. It’s the stuff of classy, two-toned dreams and the perfect starter for a Laura Vita newbie.

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