A Whole Lotta Lotus

Just like a large, bumbling and slightly overwhelming family, Lotus are the mother of all shoe brands fostering a spectrum of children. Trends are adopted, fused with tradition and tenderly nurtured before being set free. Fully fledged offspring will flee the nest as a unique slice of the Lotus brood before settling into a loving new home. (Sit tight… this is where you come in). One by one, each of their sweet siblings will follow – creating such a spectacular array of beauty, not too dissimilar from an exciting and raucous Christmas dinner. Each one full of charm and feigning for a slice of your attention.

In other words, these shoes are patiently sat, in what can only be described as a snug X Factor style combat, waiting to be snapped up by you – the ultimate fashionista. Their wearable and timeless essence will have you battling over heart and… well, heart alike. Where the most agonising decision lies in which pair you take home. Which shoe will make the cut? You decide. Our edit will certainly help you along, but if you want to go ahead and invest in the entire collection then we certainly won’t stop you.

Lotus - Phyllis Black/Multi Snake Print T-Bar Heels
Lotus – Phyllis Black/Multi Snake Print T-Bar Heels

Fusing a vintage touch with a modern lust are the ‘Phyllis Black/Multi Snake Print T-Bar Heels’. Patchwork can sometimes be hit and miss – the outcome often rendered something close to a badly-sewn up nightmare. But Lotus have certainly pulled it out of the bag with these delightful, earthy tones, offset by a delicious snake print coat. They also retail a matching Kadali clutch, making them the perfect statement combo.

Lotus - Vanille Black Diamante Heels
Lotus – Vanille Black Diamante Heels

The most attractive foot cage you ever did see – the ‘Vanille Black Diamante Heels’. Also known as your new number one go-to for any seasonal party. It’s all in the detail and Lotus have certainly pushed the boat out here; diamante sprinkling, tie finish and mesh cutout, finished with a gorgeous peep toe that encompasses all that sensual footwear should be.

Lotus - Varda Leather Black Mid-Calf Wedge Boots
Lotus – Varda Leather Black Mid-Calf Wedge Boots

Faux fur or a trapped koala bear? Either way, invest in your very own foot-hugging pet this winter with the ‘Varda Leather Black Mid-Calf Wedge Boots’. Unfortunately, they don’t come without a little maintenance – an alluring texture that demands for a regular stroke, so don’t be too alarmed if you find yourself suddenly halting in the middle of the street to crouch down and caress your foot. It’s ok, it’s not uncommon… you must tend to your pet. We love the contrast between suede and leather – with decorative buckle detail keeping your little furry friend locked tightly away.

Eliminate all competition and find your match made in heaven at www.millarsshoestore.com/lotus-m3

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