Maciejka’s Magic: Foreign Charm


Bringing a touch of eastern Europe to England is Maciejka, the shoe brand oozing an aura of traditional cool thanks to its stylish recipe of both trend and durability – from across the english pond. Granted, they may be an acquired taste, but if you’re looking to make an individual fashion statement with a guarantee you won’t be caught in the same pair as your nosy neighbour, then these are the shoes for you.

Referred to as ‘projects,’ there’s more to this footwear than just stitch and leather. Each pair follows their own path of originality, their own journey of self-discovery. These are the gap year kids hitting the high road to Thailand or Cambodia on a quest to find themselves. In this case, transform their scraps of (genuine, real and mouthwatering) leather into glorious fashion. They return a shadow of their former selves, stitched and imprinted and bound of allure. They have indeed found themselves. Eclectic characters that are nothing short of wholesome quality.

Maciejka - Ava Leather Grey Ankle Boots
Maciejka – Ava Leather Grey Ankle Boots

For a vibrant yet somewhat refined choice, make the ‘Ava Leather Grey Ankle Boots’ your first port of call. Maybe it’s the crossed lace side detail, or perhaps the dainty strips of floral print, but there’s something of true storybook nostalgia that we’re feeling from these. Hansel and Gretel anyone!? Pop these on and you’re fit to follow your very own forest breadcrumb path. No fear = the finale won’t be anywhere near so frightful. No sign of witches and instead all the sweets you can eat… who could resist!?

Maciejka - Amber Red Leather Ankle Boots
Maciejka – Amber Red Leather Ankle Boots

There may be a subtle floral print theme emerging but we’re certainly not adverse to it. In a more dramatic turn, the ‘Amber Red Leather Ankle Boots‘ possess a gorgeous ruby red coat complimented by what can only be described as burnt leather. It’s either burnt, or the ombre trend has tumbled from head to foot. We have zips, we have shiny panels, we have a rusty grey sole. We have everything you need to make a statement. There’s no telling where this party will end up, but it sure as hell will get you to the right one!

Maciejka - Amelia Black Leather Ankle Boots
Maciejka – Amelia Black Leather Ankle Boots

There’s a mega heart eyes emoji floating around and it certainly keeps landing on these. The classic black boot has been upgraded and given a dash of feminine charm with the ‘Amelia Black Leather Ankle Boots’. They mix an alluring leather coat with a subtly shiny iridescent heel and elegant details – tassels and glimmer print and more tiny flowers, galore. It’s a delicious mashup of you need to buy this now and absolutely no regrets in doing so.

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