Millars Madness: Black Friday Sale!

Here at Millars, we’ve never understood why it’s called Black Friday as the concept is never truly limited to just one single day. If you hadn’t noticed already – our 50% off sale began on Wednesday and carries you all the way through to the sacred day in question. Or more fittingly, Doomsday – for those crazy enough to head anywhere near a high street.

Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale - Irregular Choice - Lotus - Skechers
Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale:  Irregular Choice, Lotus, Skechers

With our help you don’t need to arm yourself with swords and shields to feign off the deranged members of the public in a desperate bid to bag a bargain. Because we’re offering you just the right recipe to do everything from the comfort of your own home, bed, dog’s basket… whatever you’re in to. Yes, you may be left feeling a little vulnerable with the credit card, but at least your feet look pretty, right!?

Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale - Lunar
Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale: Lunar

Our discounted rates are covering everything from Converse to Irregular Choice to Wonders – to name a very select few. Taking you through each, however, would be almost as painful as wading through the actual Black Friday streets. So we suggest you conjure up a style in mind – be it for party, outdoor wear or simple home pleasure (or just stab blindly at the computer keyboard, that works also), and head on over to our website. Where you can proceed to roll around like a content pig in mud over the choices that await.

Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale - Hush Puppies
Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale: Hush Puppies

If you’re still reading – congrats! You’ve just earned yourself a further exclusive offer just for reading this blog post. Ah, if all life achievements were as easy as this we’d be riding through life on the highest horse of all, pointing at things like jobs, relationships and ever-expanding sums of money before watching them erupt into puffs of smoke and settling, successfully, into the very fibre of our lifestyles. Who needs to work for anything anymore!? Black Friday has evoked some kind of Black Mirror scenario…

Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale: Marco Tozzi, Tamaris
Millars Shoe Store Black Friday Sale: Marco Tozzi, Tamaris

Before we get too carried away, you lucky bunch of Millars blog readers get to go mad with this exclusive promo code for all products on our website, except those already in the Black Friday sale. As though you didn’t need any more shoes to choose from! 20% off all existing full-priced items with the code “FRIDAY16”. This one’s valid till Sunday, but we suggest you still hurry before the best is gone

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