Marco Tozzi: Masters of the Quirky Classics

It’s a tough life – watching trend upon trend constantly churn out at breakneck speed across all corners of this great abyss known as the fashion industry. Yet with so much out there, why does it often all look the same? We want variety, we lust for something unique – we definitely don’t want to be seen wearing the same thing as somebody else – but at the same time, we need style. And surely there’s a limit on that? Well, Marco Tozzi think differently. Armed with an exquisite array of stylishly-novel footwear at shockingly affordable prices, (making them something of necessary requirement), we’re drooling over every pair.

Intrinsically woven into their very nature, Marco Tozzi vow to remould each classic design into something much more exclusive. This season, an array of neutral shades take centre stage, making them subtle enough to slot into your exisiting wardrobe, yet all exuding a special charm. Marco Tozzi, the gift that keeps on giving, or in this case – the shoes that never stop executing.

Marco Tozzi - Black Grey Lace Up Ankle Boots
Marco Tozzi – Black Grey Lace Up Ankle Boots

Who hasn’t owned a pair of brogues at some stage? A sweet divergence between smart sophistication and indie essence. Here, the dainty style has undergone a feisty renovation with the ‘Black Grey Lace Up Ankle Boots’. Primped and preened to create something much more valiant, these are a vibrant blend of brogue meets boot – combined with a three-toned body of patent black, charcoal and grey suede. From afar, they look nothing short of a subtle statement, but the closer you get the more delicious they become.

Marco Tozzi - Black Loafer Flats
Marco Tozzi – Black Loafer Flats

If you’re slightly bored of the boot this winter and lusting after something a little more alternative – yet still strong enough to tackle the chill – then the ‘Black Loafer Flats’ are for you. Equally setting the tone for a fashionable, comfortable and innovative shoe. With a chunky sole, animal print tongue and tassel detail, these loafers are both smart enough to work into your office wardrobe, yet stylish enough to pair with an out-of-hours look too; a contemporary choice for the modern woman.

Marco Tozzi - Mocca Heeled Ankle Boots
Marco Tozzi – Mocca Heeled Ankle Boots

It’s impossible to go wrong with a brown leather boot, and the ‘Mocca Heeled Ankle Boots’ are no exception. In fact, we’d go as far as to say these are quite possibly the best we’ve seen. Nothing oozes class quite like their deep leather coat, stylish two-tone lizard-skin opening and zip detail. Besides, no matter if paired with a dress or plain jeans, any outfit becomes an ode to power dressing – even on a bad day. Fake it till you make it, goes the saying, and nothing can make you feel more aspirational than strutting around in such an enchanting pair.

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