The Rieker Files

If footwear had its own societal hierarchy, then Rieker would be MI5; Grade A military intelligence harboring the greatest secret of all – an unparalleled hybrid that is stylish comfort. Yet, for so long, fashion has rejected the fusion of both as downright impossible. Comfort and style!? You must be joking. Don’t you know? You must suffer to look good. Well, here to prove that age-old saying to be just that – archaically defunct – is Rieker, with its unprecedented rivalry of extreme comfort channeling a fashionable twist.

Just like our aforementioned government spies, this staunch combination means Rieker are always one step ahead of the competition. Their anti-stress features explain how you can engage in quite literally any activity and still feel like you’re walking across the softest of clouds, barefoot, with tiny heaters warming the palms of your feet. It’s an integrity that advocates for flexibility, comfort and variety, all whilst offering a stylish way to embody all three.

Rieker - Mussurana/Virage Boots in Black/Marine
Rieker – Mussurana/Virage Boots in Black/Marine

Here at Millars, we’ve fallen hard for Rieker’s two-tone boots. Dissecting our adoration for each juxtaposing coat, however, would take us well into the new year and that kind of time is not something most of us have to spare. (As much as we’d love to spend our time discussing pretty shoes). So, the ‘Mussurana/Virage Boots in Black/Marine’ have taken centre stage instead. Maybe it’s the navy suede against shiny lizard print contrast, or maybe it’s the zipped front and side buckle detail, but there’s something about these boots that ooze a wild west vibe. Such western touches have swarmed fashion in true locust-style this Autumn, so don’t miss out on the chance to spruce up even the plainest of outfits in the most fashionable of ways, making these a smart and ultimate style must-have this season.

Rieker - Bogota/Cristallino Polar Boots in Burgundy/Multi
Rieker – Bogota/Cristallino Polar Boots in Burgundy/Multi

Whether it’s a trip to see Iceland’s Northern Lights, or a trip to the local supermarket, these bohemian style ‘Bogota/Cristallino Polar Boots in Burgundy/Multi’ are ideal for any outing this winter. Lined with a playful long lamb multi-coloured wool – therefore curating the softest pair of durable boots ever – these Alpine-inspired shoes embody all that functional fashion should be.

Rieker - Lace Up Navy Patent Boots
Rieker – Lace Up Navy Patent Boots

If you’re searching for something a little more disruptive, a little more bold and a little more, well, unique, then the ‘Lace Up Navy Patent Boots’ are for you. The bold military boot has undergone a stylish makeover this season – a unique mashup of brogue meets doc martin in patent body, leopard print cuff and cleated sole. It’s an eye-catching alternative with outrageous comfort levels to match. Sumptuous velvet lining and maximum flexibility make these the softest and lightest pair of killer boots you’ll ever lay eyes on; a badass Rihanna look that no experimental fashionista could refuse.

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